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Our studio is fully equipped with the very latest Apple Mac hardware and software, including Final Cut Studio, Motion and Adobe Photoshop. These tools provide an editor with total creative freedom to seamlessly mix footage shot in any format, and on any camera, and carry a project from capture through to final output in SD and HD.

Grading allows an editor to bring out the best in every shot. It’s also an essential skill when putting together sequences shot over a period of days and in diverse lighting conditions.

We regularly employ CGI techniques for many of our films: from removing unwanted elements in a shot (e.g. “painting out” modern electrical fittings in a 1940s set) to digital set extensions (adding a burning London skyline to a plate shot in Bideford), to working with greenscreen, which allows a subject to be composited into shot containing CGI elements and/or environments. Huge advances in compositing software, combined with the quality of HD video, means we are now able to produce results that, just a few years ago, would have only been possible in large studios...

The most important requirement in this type of work is imagination!